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Athena Cloud technology brings together the very best solutions to help you achieve your overall strategies. We assist all businesses, from those looking to develop their capabilities to those at the very start of their digital transformation.

We believe in helping you to deploy your solutions as rapidly, efficiently and securely as possible, whilst maintaining superb quality and full accountability along the way. Our team are on hand to help with this mission and have first-hand experience of guiding clients through their journey to avoid any costly mistakes and meet the challenges that you will face head on.


Athena Cloud Tech Capabilities


Athena Cloud Tech help different sectors with their digital transformation journey. Our background and experience makes us ideal partners to help you get the most out of your investment. From software developers, technology, manufacturing, retail, construction, professional services and the financial sector, Athena Cloud Tech are currently working in partnership with organisations who want to successfully compete in their respective markets.

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Supporting IT and DevOps teams, Athena Cloud Tech will help you to manage your applications efficiently and effectively with access to our solutions. Change the game and take advantage of specialist tools such as Ansible and Terraform to create a standard application pack. Help improve your coding and quality control checks in complex environments.

  • Rapidly deploy applications

  • Decrease your roll out time and resources

  • Freedom to scale your applications when you need

  • Update your application with efficiency

  • Reduce your reliance on hardware

  • Develop and deploy anywhere in the world at anytime

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EDGE Cloud Computing

Edge Computing refers to the process of using data and developing applications 'at the Edge' of the network.

Operating Edge Cloud Technology comes with huge advantages to your business. Reducing latency and deployment times, servicing your clients more efficiently or gathering rapid intelligence. Whatever you are trying to achieve, the Athena Cloud Tech team, together with the right technology solution for your organisation will enhance your digital transformation.

  • Tell me about the Edge

  • I want my organisation to adopt Edge technology

  • I want to further develop my edge capability

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Do you want to speed up continuous development whilst ensuring quality of your applications? Enable your DevOps team to deploy applications efficiently and effectively using Athena Cloud Tech solutions.

  • We are using devops across the business

  • A few teams within my company are fully immersed in DevOps

  • We have just undertaken our DevOps journey

  • We are considering DevOps, but have not yet started

  • Never heard of DevOps

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What is Your Mission?

We have well established expertise in assisting our clients to develop digital strategies. Start a conversation with the Athena Cloud Tech team today to discover what you are missing out on. Do you need answers to any of the below?

Athena Development


I want help developing my infrastructure for increased performance and capacity.

Athena Future Proofing


I want to use the latest solutions, show me what’s going to help me future proof my business.

Athena Move


I need support with moving from my existing infrastructure without service interruption.



I want to consolidate my infrastructure and applications into one simplified location.


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