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Transforming your Cloud Platform

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Virtual Environments in Seconds!

Map your Digital Infrastructure and store for easy deployment.

Fast, Flexible, Scalable, Affordable

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Hybrid Solutions


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Athena Cloud Technology has the innovative ability to Create, Store & Share templates of Application & database environments, that are managed across multiple virtual servers and networks. Using the one-click deployment capability, all tasks are automated and repeatable with minimum effort.

The Cloud Process
Athena Cloud Technology

Athena Cloud

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Service Providers

Service Providers

Your White Label
Cloud Service
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Backup and DRaas

Backup & DRaaS

Data resilience
and contingency
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One click solutions


Create Once,
Deploy Often
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Cloud Tech in seconds
  • Spin up new VM's in seconds
  • Fully Scalable Architecture
  • Vendor Agnostic supporting Multiple Hypervisors
  • Configure & install Application Stacks instantly
  • Scale Cloud environments faster using BluePrints
  • Supported by state of the art backup services
  • High availability and performance
  • Delivering cloud solutions, not infrastructure

Cloud Netsuite
Cloud Infor
Cloud Sage
Cloud SAP
Cloud Microsoft Dynamics
Cloud Oracle
Cloud CentOS
Cloud Redhat
Cloud Microsoft

Build - IaaS

Improve Scaleablity and Flexibility

Migrate to Cloud

Deploy- PaaS

Improve DevOps Productivity

Develop & Run Apps

Buy- SaaS

Save Time & Increase Revenue

Reduce Costs

One Cloud Platform for All

IT Administrator
Make it simpler,
Create Once, Deploy Often

Service Provider
Offer Your Customers a Variety of
Pre-Configured Application Stacks

Quality Assurance Engineer
Deploy Virtual Infrastructure
in One Step

DevOps Engineer
Build dynamic configurations fast and efficiently with Athena Cloud Technology

The Sophisticated, Reliable, Feature-Rich Cloud Platform

“Put the Power in your Customers hands”

The Athena Cloud technology offers a complete self-service infrastructure platform for you to configure, customise and design your virtual networks and environments.

Having the flexible, scalable and configurable functionality at your fingertips is the difference your consumers need to innovate and adapt to their business requirements.


Flexible Self-Service

Fully Automated - Put the Power in your Customers hands


Scalable Architecture

Build your Cloud with technology that grows with your business



Hypervisor Agnostic - Support for all major hypervisors



Maximise your Revenue and Profit Opportunities


Metering & Billing

Ensure you get paid accurately for the services you provide


Infrastructure BluePrints

Save Time, Money & Effort use our re-usable infrastructure BluePrints


Multi-Tier Storage

Match specific workloads to any
required Storage performance


3rd Party Plugins

Easy integrations to differentiate
solutions for your customers

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