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Athena Cloud Blueprints will transform your business

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Create your Digital Infrastructure and Blueprint for easy management, deployment and scalability.

The “One-Click Blueprint” Solution

Athena Cloud Tech is a simple customisable solution which allows you to create, launch and grow your cloud Infrastructure as a Service business. The the multiple environments you create, can be stored as a "Blueprint" allowing you the ability to use the one-click deploy functionality to launch multiple usable servers in seconds.

Cloud Blueprints Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

Graphical drag-n-drop BluePrint designer with numerous template libraries with best practice included.
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Grouped Services

Ability to group multiple servers, VDC, clusters, disks, networks and images. Deploy any attributes at any time.
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Cloud Blueprints Custom deployment

Custom Deployment

Custom "deployment questions" functionality to gather and pass attributes to the servers when required.
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Cloud Blueprints Re-seller Revenue

Reseller Revenue

Ability to create cost models and charge for BluePrint deployments using different custom templates.
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Cloud Blueprint Infographic

Create re-usable infrastructure blueprints to save time, money and effort.  Athena Cloud Tech provides users a graphical drag-n-drop designer to effortlessly design, build and manage grouped environments.  Using either the Athena Blueprint library or by creating your own,  Athena Cloud Tech gives you the power to design, build and test environments to cover all of your application and network needs with minimal fuss or effort.


  • Service Provider – Offer Customers a Variety of Pre-Configured Application Stacks.
  • IT Admin – Create Once, Deploy Often
  • DevOps – Dynamic Configuration
  • ISV – Offer standard sre-configured software to different customers & allow customisation.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer – Deploy Virtual Infrastructure in One Step
Benefits of Cloud BluePrints

They contain the key information and ‘bill of materials’ to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details, and most importantly how they all relate together. It is essential to understand that cloud blueprints will transform your business.

Instead of waiting for your customer to request a service, and then having to spend significant time and resources building it out for them, you will be in a position to anticipate customers’ requirements and rapidly deploy it for them.

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