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MicroSoft SQL Server Hosting

Athena understand when your business is critically dependent on data, having a secure, reliable database server solution in place to host and safeguard your data is paramount.

Host your database on our Athena Cloud Platform, you'll have access to our UK-based highly accredited technicians 24/7 365 days to deploy, manage and support your solution. Your Virtual Machine Database architecture is deployed in our fully owned tier 3 standard enterprise-grade UK datacentre, so the security of your data is guaranteed.

Athena Data Centres
MicroSoft Database

Athena Cloud Virtual machines will continually improve your server technology. Multiple Configurations to suit your business needs, up to 128 cores with 4TB of RAM supporting 30TB of data on fast SSD storage.

Cloud SQL Server is a relational database system designed to be scalable for cloud computing workloads. Using Microsoft SQL Server as its core the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service provides the broadest SQL Server and conforms to standards with built-in auditing and information protection technology.

Create a SQL Database on the Athena Cloud Platform in minutes with our BluePrint and image service

Easily migrate SQL Server workloads

  • Deploy any SQL Server version on any VM
  • Windows and Linux Supported
  • Employ virtual machines that are tuned for exceptional performance
  • Build your own VDC with customizable RAM, Disk & Instances
  • Pay per minute or Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Transfer your existing licences
  • Up to 40% Cost saving with Athena compared to popular Cloud Models
SQL Database in the cloud

Why Businesses choose Athena Cloud for SQL Server virtualisation?

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Windows
  • MSSQL choice includes SQL server 2008 onwards
  • Set up and manage scalable SQL Server deployments in minutes
  • Meet your demands with optimised virtual machines
  • Protect your entire data estate within a highly secured data centre