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MySQL in the Cloud

Using the innovative one click solution, Athena Cloud Service provides a simple and user-friendly, web-based console to manage your MySQL Cloud instances. With the self-service provisioning you can create pre-configured MySQL databases optimised for performance.

Our Cloud technology tooling automates database instances which includes life-cycle management.

MySQL Database

Quickly deploy your applications to the cloud and make them available to your workforce and clients. Only pay for the resources you use, spin up MySQL cloud servers with industry leading price-performance.

The world's most widely used open-source database software offers a more cost effective alternative to the standard Microsoft database options.

Why Athena Cloud for MySQL?

  • MySQL is globally renowned for being the most secure and reliable DMS
  • MySQL offers unmatched on-demand scalability
  • Ensures optimum speed, full-text indexes and unique memory caches
  • Round the clock up-time with a wide range of high availability solutions
  • Linux, Microsoft, Apple or UNIX, MySQL has comprehensive self-management feature rich solutions

MySQL’s round-the-clock support and enterprise indemnification means you won't have to worry. That support is encapsulated by Athena Cloud Tech solutions, allowing fully scalable and flexible infrastructures to be managed by the user inside a secure and regulated environment.