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Partner and Resellers

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Athena Vaults a leading Cloud IaaS provider offers a White-Label Cloud Partner Program enabling Resellers to market cloud services, allowing you to earn a greater return on investment.

Partners and Resellers

Our Partner Program leverages an innovative hardware platform, resulting in a minimal cost structure for Resellers. Athena’s solutions with its high margin white-label Cloud partner program are a disruptive addition to the market.

White label program

  • Showcase your product/service under your own brand
  • Full pricing flexibility
  • Complete rebranding of the service
  • World-class support and guidance
  • Companies can scale their products and services to drive new revenue streams
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Reseller Program

  •  No upfront investment
  • Generates revenue on customer consumption
  • World-class support and guidance
  • Get set up and started in one day
  • For established Service Providers who want to expand their service offerings by bringing world-class IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS services to their customers.

Partnership Success

  •  With competitive Flexible Cloud Services
  • Reduction in over spend on leading Cloud Services
  • Empower you to become a trusted adviser
  • Become a partner today
Partnership success
Experience our Partnership Benefits

Partnership Benefits

  • Maximise your ROI with our commission schemes
  • Retain more customers
  • More time to market and win more clients
  • Gain advantage with innovative technology

Athena recognise that service providers need to react to their customers specific cloud market needs, often requiring multiple vendor solutions. Athena Cloud have pre-selected and partnered with a range of leading cloud technology companies.