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Host Redis in your OWN Athena Cloud Account

Redis is an open source, in-memory and key/value NoSQL database. Known to be an exceptionally fast in-memory database, shared cache and message broker, that is written in C. The Athena Cloud Technology allows you to service your Redis solutions in our flexible and scalable environments.

Host your database on our Athena Cloud Platform, you'll have access to our UK-based highly accredited technicians 24/7 - 365 day to deploy, manage and support your solution. Your Virtual Machine Database architecture is deployed in our fully owned enterprise-grade Birmingham Tier 3 standard UK datacentre, so the security of your data is guaranteed.

Redis Database

Redis is being utilised across multiple industries and sectors with an array of consumer products, such as SaaS applications. With the popular and rapid performance of the open-source in-memory data structure, it as an excellent solution in both performance and durability.

Automate your Redis solutions and management through deployment, monitoring, backup, and scaling in the Athena Cloud environment.

Redis with Athena Cloud Tech

  • On-demand scaleability
  • Automated Backups and DRaaS
  • High Availability and Performance
  • Build your own VDC with customisable RAM, Disk & Instances
  • BluePrint templates for fast deployment
  • SSH root access to the underlying machine maintaining 100% control
  • Up-to-date solutions with the latest data structure store version
Redis Infrastructure

Using Redis on the Athena Cloud can be utilised to cache data that your web-server needs as it stores data within memory in a structured way. This means its faster than traditional databases that writes to disk.